What RYPEN awardees thought of RYPEN:

‘it was the best 3 days of the year’

‘this was an excellent experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. At first I was shocked by the diversity of cultures coming from the sheltered rural area I am from, but it was a great experience to meet so many like-minded people. So thank you!’

‘RYPEN has been an incredible experience, coming here and not knowing anyone and feeling so included and in such a supportive environment. I want to say thankyou to Rotary’

What RYLA awardees thought of RYLA:

‘Couldn’t be any better. It has been the most enjoyable experience of my life. Thank you!’

‘An insight into leadership’

‘Incredible! It has changed my life – I am so excited to move forward with my ambition and goals, having learnt so much at RYLA’